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Persecution of Large Minority Community, the Iranian Azeris

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

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By Ali M. Koknar
June 6, 2006
Recently in Iran, tens of thousands of Iranian Azeris took to the streets for several days of demonstrations touched off by the May 12 publication of a racist cartoon in the state-run Iran newspaper. (The cartoon depicted an Azeri-speaking cockroach.) Iranian security forces cracked down violently on the demonstrators, killing at least four people (Azeri nationalists claim twenty dead), injuring forty-three, and detaining hundreds of others. These developments indicate brewing discontent among Iran’s Azeri population and should be studied for their implications for U.S. and Western policy toward Tehran.

Deeper Issues at Play
The Iranian regime’s effort to put out this ethnic brushfire by closing the Tehran-based Iran newspaper and arresting its editor as well as the ethnic Azeri cartoonist quickly escalated to the usual strongarm response as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ anti-riot units and Basij militias attacked the Azeri protesters. Iranian security forces cracked down on tens thousands of offended Azeris, who took to the streets in Tehran and in the major northwestern Iranian cities such as Tabriz, Urumieh, Ardebil, Maragheh, and Zenjan. The intelligence service launched a massive detention campaign, rounding up relatives of Azeri Turks previously jailed for Turkish nationalism.

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3 Year Sentence for Defending Women

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Alieh Eghdam Doust, another brave and determined individual advocating the rights of women in Iran has been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment by the Islamic courts of Iran. Ironically her surname Eghdam Doust, means one who likes to investigate. A lover of truth? She represents millions of women who daily battle for a rightful and noble place within the existing society shaped by a repressive regime.

Sadly not only has she been sentenced to 3 years and four months, but will be subjected to the further humiliation and pain of 20 lashes.

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A Professor’s Account of the Expulsion of His Baha’i Students

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

This is an article from site, translated by Ahang Rabbani.

Last Monday, I was teaching a class at 8 o’clock in the morning. My students and I were reading aloud a text in English. Suddenly, I noticed that without having the text before them, two of my students were sitting politely with their hands crossed over their chests and just staring at me. I asked them, “Did you forget to bring the text with you to class?” One of them responded, “We have been expelled from the university and only came to bid you goodbye.”

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