Baha’i + Student = No Right to Education

Evidently, the trials and tribulations of Iranian students who follow the Baha’i religion goes on and on.

More are denied entry into Iranian universities and no state official has offered an explanation except that they are Baha’is and unless they declare themselves as Muslims, they cannot enter Iranian universities or remain enrolled.

Future historians will have to do justice to give humanity a full picture of what Iranian university students go through there days. Do any of them have any rights, educational or otherwise?

One way or another, they are oppressed, neglected, persecuted or…

A nation’s youth, and not its oil, are its greatest treasure!

It is time for Iran to value this treasure or suffer an unimaginable loss.

Read the latest on the situation of the Baha’i students in Iran at: (English) (Farsi)

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