Another Arab Ahwazi is Hung

Following the hanging of four Arab Ahwazi human rights activists last December, Zamel BAwi, a 29-year-old son of one of the respected tribal leaders of the region was hung at 4 am today. Four of his brothers and a cousin remain in prison and face the possibility of same fate as Zamel. They are:

– Mohsen Bawi, 33

– Imad Bawi, 31

– Hani Bawi, 22

– Moslem Bawi, 19

– Asad Bawi, 34

According to the statement on Ahwaz Studies Centre website, three other prisoners are in danger of imminent execution. They are:

– Saeed Oudeh Saki, 35

– Abdolrasooul Ali Mazraeh, 56

– Faleh Abollah Almansouri, 60

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization is asking supporters to send appeals to various Iranian and international officials. For more information, please visit:


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