IRAN’S hardline leadership has begun a merciless purge of its opponents that could end with children hanging from gallows.

Students are likely to feel the worst excesses of the vengeance being exacted by the country’s religious rulers in the wake of pro-democracy demonstrations.

Anyone who dared to protest over the disputed presidential election result two weeks ago has been warned that their defiance will result in the harshest punishments.

Under Iran’s medieval legal system that could mean children – in theory, girls as young as nine – facing execution.

A damning report of Iran’s flagrant contempt for international laws on capital punishment will next week expose the appalling extent of child executions in the strict Islamic state.

Although UN decrees state that no person under 18 should be executed or sentenced to death, Iran’s prisons echo with the cries of youngsters facing the noose.

Today, 160 young people await their fate on death row for crimes including homosexuality, having sex outside marriage or turning their backs on Islam.

Their chances of reprieve are slim. Over the past five years, 33 children have faced the noose.

By comparison, the other Middle East countries still executing children – Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen – have a combined total of 19 on Death Row.

The report, From Cradle to Coffin, is produced by the London-based Foreign Policy Centre and Stop Child Executions. It reveals many of the cases, including the most recent hanging of a young woman in May.

Delara Darabi spent five years behind bars for a murder she was alleged to have carried out at the age of 17.

She strenuously denied the crime and went to her death sobbing: “Mum, they want to execute me. I see the gallows. Mother, save me.”

Download: The foreign Policy Center’s latest report on Child Executions in Iran

Listen to Podcast from Women’s Hour which contains a section on Juvenile excecutions


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