Kurdish Teacher Faces Death in Iranian Prison

Farzad Kamangar was arrested in Tehran in July 2006 and held in various detention centres across the country. Kamangar claims that during a period of detention in the notorious Evin Prison, officials tortured him to such an extent that he had to be taken to the prison hospital to receive medical attention. Kamangar was also tortured while in detention in the cities of Sanandaj in Kurdistan province and Kermanshah, Human Rights Watch say. Details of how he was tortured were discovered by Human Rights Watch in a secret letter sent by Kamangar from prison.


Farzad Kamangar worked for 12 years as a teacher in the city of Kamyaran, Iran, before he was arrested and placed in detention. He also sat on the governing board of both a local environmentalist group and the local branch of the teachers association. Kamangar wrote actively for the monthly journal Royan, a publication of the Department of Education of Kamyaran. He was also a writer with a local human rights organization that documents human rights abuses in Kurdistan and other provinces, Human Rights Watch have said.

Kamangars lawyer said that the trial did not conform to Iranian legal requirements – it was closed, with no jury present. He also told Human Rights Watch that court officials ridiculed his requests that they follow mandated legal procedures.

NEAR and Human Rights Watch deplore the use of torture and call on the Iranian authorities to revoke the death sentence handed down to Farzad Kamangar.

Please send appeals:
1. Calling on the Iranian authorities to revoke the death sentence handed down to Farzad Kamangar.
2. Insisting that Farzad Kamangar be given a legitimate trial in a public court and reminding the authorities that this is a legal requirement in Iran.
3. Urging the authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of Farzad Kamangar whilst in detention.

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