Three More Leading Baha’is Arrested in Semnan

This is an article translated by Ahang Rabbani from Iran Press Watch.

On Sunday, 4 January 2009, Human Rights Activists of Iran reported the following:

Earlier today, three Baha’is responsible for the Baha’i community of Semnan were arrested by security agents and conducted to an unknown location.

The three detained individuals were Mr. Adel Fanaian and Mr. Abbas Nurani, who are among the members presently responsible for the activities of the Baha’i community in Semnan, and Mr. Taher Eskandarian, a former member of the same responsible body. All three were seized after security agents went to their residences.

It should be mentioned that about 20 days ago, security agents went to the homes of dozens of Baha’is of this town and [on 15 December 2008] arrested Mrs. Sahba Rezvani, another member of the responsible body for Semnan.

The three Baha’is who were arrested earlier today were also arrested three years ago, but their first trial resulted in a suspended sentence. After their appeal, their file was sent to a higher court for reevaluation. During the course of their arrest earlier today, security agents referred to this six-month suspended sentence and the appeal court’s ruling, as well as the implementation of this sentence.

Until now, the judiciary has not stated reasons for these arrests and charges against the three Baha’is.

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